Teresa Hill
I love this place! Great authentic spices you can’t get anywhere else. Can’t wait to try many of them and also some of their fresh bread/food. Wonderful staff as well.
Petunia Wigglebottom
Awesome place where I found the best Earl Grey on the planet, and spices that I can't find anywhere else at a reasonable price. They have some really good deals on things you can't find in other stores, like their marinades. The owner and the dude at the counter are total sweethearts. I hope this place never closes down. Oh, and when they have the fresh pakora and samosa! To die for!
Thomas McLellan
Ghazni is a welcome addition to Hayward! My girlfriend is Persian, so finding the spices and ingredients we need to make Persian dishes locally can sometimes be a challenge. But Ghazni has become our new regular spot. Halal meats, lamb, everything we need for ghormeh sabzi, doogh, lavash bread, spices & rice for koobideh and other kabobs. The owner is very nice and accommodating. I will definitely be back.
Sara P.
This place is new and shows a LOT of promise already for the Iranian market! when I make my Persian dishes I have to drive all over to find certain ingredients but this place already has items hard for me to find in any market (dried limes, doogh, labne yogurt, syrian cheese, lamb, saffron rock candy) especially lamb that's such a hard commodity to find for certain dishes! Owner is so wonderful and nice too. Since they're new they don't have certain items right now but it's obvious they're working to expand more of their selections to cater to the iranian and afghan market and I would 1000% recommend for getting supplies
Z A.
I was so happy to run into this store . Everything was very organized, fresh , and clean . Finally, a one -stop shop for all Afghan /Middle Eastern essentials . They have meat , spices and sweets . The store literally has everything you can need . I was able to see a really great selection of quality Halal meats . It was really fresh and tasty!They also have a well stocked spice collection . They have a huge array of sweets too . I am so glad I don't have to drive to Fremont anymore for my Afghan groceries . I am happy we finally have a store like this in Hayward and can't wait to go back!
Victor G.
Ghazni Afghan Market replaces Middle East Trade Center with a total slimmed down repurposing of the interior. space isn't cluttered as before. almost everything is priced. everything is readily seen at a glance. offerings: spices, meat counter, food mixes, beverages, referigated goods, snacks, pastries, produce, nuts, rice, etc. buys: yogurt drink (2) -has probiotics, lots of fat content, fat, salt 60% of daily allowance masala instant noodle (1) -from pakistan, meh noodles, flavor doesn't taste "masala", tart with a robust stagnant profile, made with hydrogenated fats (transfat) "mashadi" (roasted) chickpea ..(5.5) 16 oz. -good sauce of protein, low carbs, high sodium and fatty oil content. slightly crunchy, when eaten, chickpeas crumbles. -it's way cheaper than commercial versions. 4.5 stars. take outs: -store needs a cash register with a receipt. -a hand scanner to scan prices will make checkout quicker. -small parking lot in park. front has no parking. -space is small. social distancing limits # of people in store.
Tawab Ghazni
The best Afghan Bread , fresh halal meat and rare spices .